The dictionary of french naval fighting ships


To collate 335 years of history of the French Navy through more than 13 300 ships built in 684 shipyards between 1671 and 2006 can seem an impossibility. This has been achieve with this dictionary, resulting from an attempt to classify French naval warships through the centuries, originaly commenced in 1933.

The work was conceived as a working tool at the disposal of researchers and enthusiasts of maritime history in order to save long and tiresome research. It is presented in an accessible style which is not just reserved for academics, but comprehensible to all.

Each ship's description is accompanied by the date, shipyard, place and country of construction, characteristics, and of a short historical description. Classification is alphabeticallal and by type.

The dictionary is presented in two volumes :

- Volume 1 (1671-1870) presents the ships since the era of Colbert until the age of steam ;
- Volume 2 (1870-2006) presents those built since 1870 to the lastest addition to the fleet.

You can consult online the first 50 pages of volume 1 and volume 2. Independantly-published, the work is sold exclusively by correspondence.

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General remarks and legend
See the list of the ships of letter A : volume 1 and volume 2
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